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Vietnam Transit Visa Requirements

If you ended up booking a flight that has a layover in Vietnam, then you’re probably wondering if there is a need for you to apply for a Vietnam transit visa.
In this article, we’ll explain when you should apply for a transit visa. We’ll also find out who will be exempted from the transit visa when passing through the airports of Vietnam. And if ever you require a transit visa, we’ll offer some tips on how you can apply for this type of Vietnam visa.

Transiting Vietnam for Less than 24 Hours

If travelers passing through Vietnam for a layover will only need to stay in the country for less than 24 hours then the transit visas is no longer required. But remember that you must be able to present an onward ticket that shows you’re only going to stay in Vietnam for less than 24 hours. Furthermore, you will have to remain at the airport for the entire duration of your layover.

When you arrive at the airport in Vietnam, simply look for the “transfer signs” or ask assistance from the transfer desk. You will then be assisted towards the waiting lounge where you will be waiting for your next flight. There’s no longer a need for you to pass through the immigration counter or passport control, which is why a visa is no longer required.

If in the event you decide to get out of the airport, then you will have to apply for a Vietnam transit visa even though you only have less than 24 hours in the country.

Transiting Vietnam for More than 24 Hours

If you need to stay in Vietnam for more than 24 hours during your layover in the country, then you will have to apply for a transit visa. What’s good about getting a visa is that you are free to get out of the country to explore. You will not be stuck at the airport while waiting for your next flight.

Having a Vietnam transit visa is also necessary if you need to travel within the country from your point of arrival going to another place in the country for your departure. For instance, you are arriving at Hanoi airport but you need to get out of the country from the seaport of Hai Phong. In this case, you need to be able to present a visa at the Vietnam Immigration in Hanoi for you to be allowed to enter the country and travel to the seaport of Hai Phong where you will be taking a boat to exit the country.

Applying for a Vietnam Transit Visa

Now, E-Visa is the best choice for you because of it’s convenience and quickness. All you need to do is to fill out an online application form at Govietnamvisa, make payment then receive the E-Visa and finnaly get visa stamp at the Vietnam airport. It’s important that you provide a valid email address during your application of the visa. This is where the visa will be sent and all you need to do is to print the visa and bring it on your trip.


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