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Vietnam eSIM Service
1. What is Vietnam eSIM Service?
An eSIM stands for Embedded Subscriber Identity Module, is a small chip digitally embedded on your phone. It works as a SIM Card.
The eSIM fee is USD 30 for 1 SIM, valid for 30 days. With our eSIM service, you will receive the Vietnam eSIM QR code via email and you just need to activate it on your phone.

2. Who needs this?
  • Those who come to Vietnam for business purposes and need to always update information about their work.
  • Those whose phones cannot incorporate a physical SIM card
  • Those whose prefer hassle-free flexibility because eSIM can do online
3. How does it work?
If you do not use Vietnam eSIM service, there are four steps to get a Vietnam SIM:
  • Step 1: Order a new Vietnam SIM
  • Step 2: Waiting for it to arrive
  • Step 3: Inserting it into your phone
  • Step 4: Switch mobile networks
For Vietnam eSIM service, there are only 2 simple steps:
  • Step 1: Receive a Vietnam eSIM QR code via email
  • Step 2: Scan the QR code and active eSIM on your phone
4.  How to apply
  • Submit the Extra Services Application Form and process payment
  • Get the confirmation and instruction email of airport speed up service
  • Meet our staff and get visa stamped at arrival Vietnam airport.
Or simply send us an email to support@govietnamvisa.com indicating your flight itinerary (flight number, arrival time, departure point/arrival point) to apply.
With the purpose to make your trip to Vietnam a breeze, we provide you with some Vietnam airport services that smooth out your experiences from beginning to end such as Airport Speedup Immigration Service or Car pick up service…
If you have any further queries, comments or feedback, please kindly call us by +84.903.278.853 or send an email to visa@govietnamvisa.com. We are happy to assist you at our best.