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“It takes 9-12 more months to produce the final vaccine but we are making efforts to shorten the time” said the organization specialized in research and production of vaccine for Covid-19 of Vietnam.

In the morning of July 1st, the group of researchers from Vietnam National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology and VABIOTECH company introduced the vaccine to the press for the first time ever from the start of research for Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam.
Answer the press, Mr. Do Tuan Dat, the chairman of VABIOTECH said it took 9-12 more months to produce the final vaccine but they were making efforts to shorten the time

2 months ahead of schedule
According to Dat, the project of research and develop the vaccine for Covid-19 of VABIOTECH is on right on track and shows positive signals when the process is 2 month ahead of schedule in the 1st phase of the project with a relatively high immune response in experimentally injected mice in an evaluation by the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology.
The journey of producing vaccine of Vietnam is quite elaborate, starting by sending 2 researchers of VABIOTECH to Bristol University, UK to learn the new vaccine production technology, one of them is MSc Mac Van Trong.
“We returned Vietnam right before Vietnam closed the border at the end of March, after 14 days in quarantine we had the second quarantine in nearly 1 month at the experiment lab until the first version of vaccine to test on animals was released at the end of April”, said Trong.
VABIOTECH has used vector virus technology to produce vaccine for Covid-19 instead of the traditional technology. It’s a new technology that is more efficent and independent of the pathogen culture and suitable for the fighting a pandemic.
Also, according to Trong, the project is also benefited from the result of the research on the epidemiological characteristics of the new strain of corona virus that his institute is developing, which is also an urgent project started since the pandemic has reached Vietnam. Thanks to the epidemiological characteristics, Vietnam has successfully control the pandemic and develop the vaccine.

What to do next?
According to Prof. Dang Duc Anh – the Director of the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, China and many other countries are testing the vaccine against COVID-19 in humans. Vietnam is a bit behind their progress as the vaccine is now being tested on animals at the initial stages. However, the lag is on purpose, unlike other counties that testing vaccine on human and animals simultaneously, Vietnam is waiting to see the result of their tests to get more certainties as this is a new pathogen.
“In the next phase, the vaccine will be developed into final version that meet requirements to use on human. The researchers will also develop the process for commercial production”, said Dat.
It is not simple to have today result, in the past, it could take 5 to 10 years to invent a new vaccine. Also, vaccine of other countries could be launched after half of year while Vietnam may need more time. However, according to Dat, the project does not only aim at produce the vaccine that the entire world desire for but enhance the activeness of Vietnam in producing vaccines, especially ones for pandemics.

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