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Step-by-step process of online visa application

1. How to apply E-Visa?

Most visitors will need a visa to enter Vietnam.To make the process easier for you, Vietnam E-Visa is always the fast and popular way to obtain your visa to Vietnam. The whole process has only 3 steps:

  • Submit the Visa application form and process payment
  • Get E-Visa via email and print it out
  • Get visa stamped on passport at arrival Vietnam entry port.

2. Apply for Vietnam E-Visa step by step?

Step 1. Complete the application form and make payment.
  • Fill in the secured application form with required information include:Full name, date of birth, passport number (Must be exactly on your passport) , arrival date, etc.
  • Double-check all information.
  • Make payment for service fee by credit card, paypal, etc.
Step 2. Get E-Visa via email
  • After your submission and payment, you will received our visa application and payment confirmation email from our automaticlly system.
  • Your visa application will be submitted to the Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • Receive your E-Visa in 5-7 working days for tourist visa and business visa (normal service) – You should check all information on the E-Visa to avoid the deny at the Vietnam entry port. If anything wrong, you should contact us by sending email to visa@govietnamvisa.com.
  • Print your E-Visa out and prepare original passport (valid for at least 02 months following your date of entry).
Step 3. Get visa stamped on passport upon arrival at Vietnam entry port
  • At the counter in Vietnam entry port, you submit your E-Visa and original passport to get visa stamped on your passport.
Video instruction  about How to apply for an E-Visa step by step. 

3. Advantages for getting E-Visa:

  • Simple and convenient : save more time and money
  • Receiving E-Visa via email, printing and using it to get visa stamp on passport at International Vietnam entry port.
  • Valid for more than all citizens in the world travel by all of transportation
  • You can do online
  • Easy to pay online by PayPal, One Pay, Western Union, etc.