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Vietnam Visa On Arrival Form


Vietnam Entry and Exit Form (NA1), also called Vietnamese visa application form, is an important document that all passengers have to submit to Immigration Officers at Vietnam airport when entering Vietnam

Normally, this form will be handed out to visitors on the airplane or when you land at Vietnam airport. After that, all required information should be filled in the form and be returned to the Vietnam Immigration Officer at the airport/border gate. He/She will stamp the Vietnam Visa on your passport with a Vietnam Visa approval letter for a Vietnam visa on arrival or give you an entry stamp if you have a Vietnam Embassy visa (or namely pre-arranged visa at Vietnam Embassy) 

With the aim to save your time and avoid any unexpected situation at the airport (as no pen, no glue to paste the photo…), you should download the form and fill out, glue a passport-sized photo on it in advance. Please download the form here.


Look for the code NA1 on the right top of the form


Instruction to fill  Vietnam Entry and Exit form

1 – Full name: must be written in capital and match your passport details. Eg: ANDREW RICHARD CROSTIE
2 – Date of birth: write in dd/mm/yyyy format
3 – Sex: male or female
4 – Place of birth: write both city and country name
5 & 6 – Nationality at birth/Present nationality: write both nationalities if you have. For example: United States / British (not American or British).
7 – Religion: write your religion’s name if you have.
8 – Current occupation/Profession: this section must match the record you provide Vietnamese embassy when applying for a Vietnam visa, or for visa-on-arrival, simply fill in your current occupation.
9 – Employer and employer’s address: Write you company name and address.
10 – Home address (permanent address): this is your home address in the country you are coming from.
Telephone/Email: write your exact phone number and email address.
11 – Family members: write your family member’s information including Full name, Date of birth, Nationality, Permanent address.
12 – Passport details: write your passport number, type of passport (standard/diplomatic/official) date of issue and expiry date. For section "Issuing Authority" means the place where your passport is issued, please check your passport for details.
13 – Date of the latest entry into Vietnam: write the nearest date that you exit Vietnam.
14 – Proposed date of entry: the estimated entry date when you enter Vietnam.
Proposed length of stay in Vietnam: how long you want to stay in Vietnam (Eg: 20 days or 2 months)
15 – Purpose of entry: write one that applies (tourism/ business/ study/ work/ other)
Name, address of contact: this can be the name of the hotel if you are a tourist, or a company if you come for business purpose
16 – Proposed temporary address in Vietnam: write your proposed staying address. (Eg: hotel address, organization address)
17 – Hosting organization or individual in Vietnam: write the hosting organization or individual names, address, relationship to applicant.
18 – Accompanying child(ren) under 14 years old: list all that apply
19 – Entries requested: Type of Visa you want to apply for (Single entry/Multiple entries)
20 – Other requests: write your own special request if needed.
21 – Done at...: write down the name of the airport or border gate through which you are entering Vietnam and sign.


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