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Visitors to Vietnam from most countries in the world are required to have an entry visa for staying in Vietnam (except several countries’ citizens are offered Vietnam visa exemption). If they visit Vietnam for vacation or travel only, they are said to apply for travel visa.

So what is Vietnam travel visa? It is as its name: the visa for travelers or tourists to Vietnam. Vietnam Travel visa (or Vietnam tourist visa in other words) is most popular Vietnam visa type.

Other visa types are Vietnam business visa, Vietnam student visa and Vietnam transit visa. This is when we classify in terms of purpose for visit. If classification is done in terms of times of entry into the country, there are single entry visa and multiple entry visa. And when classifying in terms of place to get visa stamped, there are Vietnam Embassy visa and Vietnam visa on arrival.

How to apply for Vietnam travel visa? Just click to apply for Vietnam visa online, as normal, and please select purpose of visit as “tourism” at the first step of application.

People could choose to apply for 1 or 3 month Vietnam travel visa. If you apply for 6 month tourist visa or 1 year tourist visa, Vietnam Immigration Department automatically transfer it to business purposes and issue a business visa for you. However, there is no difference and you can use it to enter Vietnam for any purposes.

If you may have any further questions about this, or would like to apply for Vietnam travel visa, please kindly contact us via email visa@govietnamvisa.com or call us at our hotline +84.903.278.853 for guidance or information.